What’s coming in the future to Podcrash+ 1.5 – Our plans and aims for the new year

Podcrash+ started development over a year ago as a simple idea, nobody knew how or if it would actually be any good. 130,000 downloads later and it’s clear that there is plenty of support for what we do, but we know that we need to prepare to grow to match the demand.

What’s actually changing in Podcrash+?

Let’s be clear from the start, Podcrash+ 1.5 will not feature many brand new features, if any infact (we haven’t fully decided) but instead we are focusing on the backend, how we handle data between the server and your pc, how we store that data and all the boring stuff to be honest. We will also be focusing on rewriting the code of the mod to bring it inline with our current development standards and to undo the damage done by many late nights and long development sessions.

How long will Podcrash+ 1.5 take?

Honestly, we don’t know for certain, we are aiming for early 2019 but when rewriting everything from the ground up it’s impossible to say what bumps in the road we might hit in the process, we are adding compatibility to all three major OS distributions, adding dedicated support for multiple Minecraft versions and fixing all of the major bugs and as many of the minor bugs as possible in this update.