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Create DateMarch 8, 2018
Last UpdatedDecember 17, 2018


Fixed CPS Refreshing (FPS Drop) bug
Added UI Element for ToggleSprint
Added Ping UI Element
Significantly optimized launch times
Optimized ingame memory usage
Changed EnemyReachDisplay to be more accurate
Note that 1.4.3 is not a required upgrade, as it is fully backwards compatible with 1.4.2 if you don’t care about any of these changes.

Podcrash+_b1.4.3-Installer.jar  Download  

    1. Lo siento, únase a nuestra discordia y haga + asistencia para obtener ayuda. Si también está utilizando Labymod, elimínelo, ya que no es compatible con Labymod 3

  1. Waiting to be varified…
    A backend error occurred

    Ohhhhhhh (Labymod v3) Please fix it if you know why that is happening

    1. Unfortunately Labymod3 broke integration with Podcrash+ you need to contact Labymod support and ask them to fix their integration.

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