Podcrash+ v1.4.41


– Mac & Windows should now work
– .mps functionality is back

Please be aware this is a minor update and therefore no new features have been added, and no major features removed. This is just to bring all versions and players back in sync.

Podcrash+ v1.4.2


Podcrash+ 1.4.2 fixes all reported crashes and issues and includes minor optimizations.
Note that you must download it to use our mod; 1.4.1 will no longer work.

Podcrash+ v1.4.3


Fixed CPS Refreshing (FPS Drop) bug
Added UI Element for ToggleSprint
Added Ping UI Element
Significantly optimized launch times
Optimized ingame memory usage
Changed EnemyReachDisplay to be more accurate
Note that 1.4.3 is not a required upgrade, as it is fully backwards compatible with 1.4.2 if you don’t care about any of these changes.